Police Chase Las Vegas is the only provider of police pursuit and intervention driving tactics available to the general public in the United States. The Company provides its adrenaline pumping experiences at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Guests experience driving an actual police car or getaway car in a lights and siren pursuit.  Guests can also attempt PIT maneuvers and other actual police techniques trained to and only used by real Law Enforcement Personnel.


In January, Police Chase Las Vegas will offer thrill seekers an opportunity so unique that it can’t be replicated anywhere else in the United States.

Patrons will go behind the scenes and actually participate in a simulated police chase. Hearts will pound as lights flash and sirens blare when “suspects” attempt to outrun the guns as they are pursued by the “police.”

In the end, participants will agree that getting “caught” is half the fun.


Press Release

2018 Police Chase Press Release 11-16-18

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